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Private & peaceful 9 acre mini farm ranch located minutes from downtown Atlanta that features horses, goats, and chickens.

The Legacy of 
Jarrad Blade

J. Blade Ranch is a venue that encourages community engagement and generational wealth by creating opportunities through trainings and workshops, outreach projects, special events, and creativity initiatives. 

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Everything We Offer

The 9 acre lot was established in the 1960s and acquired in 2017 after being vacant for many years. Overgrown and forestry was the condition but with the assistance of family, friends, partners and community we have cleared a path for a vision of generations to come. In 2019 the first horses set foot on the land, goats were purchased and the ranch was manifest. The J. Blade Barn was built and the Red Ribbon Cutting Ceremony took place in November 2020. As of 2021 the J. Blade Ranch is officially documented as a 1st generation farm with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The community garden has broken ground and the first seeds for harvest have been planted. Growth is in full effect.

Join us in making history!

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